#1346 Summer Postcards

‘If you take 2 more steps, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for….

A little bit of magic.’


The Wormhole

There is a point at North Steyne where the cracks in the rock get bigger and more rugged.  This is the point where many head back believing there is nothing more to find.  But, if you take two more steps around the corner you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.  A little bit of magic.

Producer:  Pip Rasmussen

Other links:  http://instagram.com/p/dDomZWhTqv/


Bondi Beach

All the Best was invited to attend the book launch of ‘On Bondi Beach’ a series of personal stories about Bondi and how people relate to the beach.  Along the way we met one of the writers Demelza Marlin and talked to her about the research and discoveries they made whilst interviewing people.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Supervising Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Interviewee/ Voice Artists:  Demelza Marlin, Michael Catoin, Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak, Odile Le Clezio, Arky Michaels

Music Credits:  Okada S Cat 2 by Tim Jenkins

Other links:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnBondiBeach/

You can purchase the book through Australian Scholarly Press http://www.scholarly.info/book/360/


Kings Cross Fatale

Kings Cross has an interesting past full of characters, scandals and significant moments.

This documentary takes you to the streets of Kings Cross to uncover it’s history.  Experience Kings Cross from 1910 on an audio adventure and let your imagination and senses be swept away.  Just immerse yourself in the sensory experience.

This story is part of a larger audio tour that you can take.  Download the sound (below) and wander through Bohemia.

Producer:  Natalie Penova

Music Credits:  Slidin Steps by C Mattone (MQ sound library ATMKITSCH)

References/ Archival Sound:  Stories and texts inspired by Pictorial History Kings Cross written by Anne-Maree Whitaker

The Glittering Mile, 1964 Documentary Film, David Low, Stations of the X http://www.youtube.com/user/bjmjdh,

Sydney Sidetracks http://www.abc.net.au/innovation/sidetracks/downloads.htm

Other links:  Audio Tour of Kings Cross in the early 20th century-  https://soundcloud.com/natalie-penova/kings-cross-fatale-2


Camel Connection

When you take the road to the heart of Australia who knows what you’ll find or who you’ll find it with.

This is the story of friendship, connection and camels.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Talent:  Alissa, Marcus and Lou McMaster

Music Credits:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme Song by Ennio Morricone

*Special thanks to Alyssa for her contribution.


Picture Credit:  Toby Hudson

Music Credit:  Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1343 At Your Service

Psychopathic bosses, jobs from hell, call centre nightmares…

Welcome to ‘At Your Service’.


Fred/ Jack 

For many of us, we think about ways that we could make improvements to our little corner of the world.   This is a story about a real council in Sydney, a real swimming pool and one man’s quest to take on the “big guys” and shake things up in his area.  After 18 months of campaigning and over 100 letters, Jack shares his story.

Writer: James Tsonis & Courtney Payne

Producer & Sound Designer:  Courtney Payne

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Voice Actors: Janice Baker & Bill Baker & James Tsonis

Music Credits:  After You’ve Gone by St Louis Swing Band, Honeysuckle Rose by Django Reinhardt


Go-Pher It!

After sweating away at her Law degree for 5 years, Farz Edraki answered an ad to join a law firm and begin her new career.   However, the job didn’t quite live up to her expectations.

Producer:  Farz Edraki

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Voice Actors:  Adelaide Rief & Paul Rands
Music credits: Wha’d Ja Do To Me by The Boswell Sisters


Jobs from Hell

Who would have thought astronomy was a dangerous job? Or that you were risking your life in computer support?  This is the story of how a glamorous job turned into a nightmare with a boss who was a psychopath.

Producer:  Ian Woolf

Supervising Producer:  Kate Montague

Sound Design:  Ian Woolf & Bryce Halliday

Original Composition:  Bryce Halliday


Picture Credit:  Ian Woolf

Music Credit:  Wherever We Go by Blue Canoe Records


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1339 Claiming Body


The female form is a glorious thing.  This episode we want to share stories about the female form as art, canvas, biology and sex.


Claiming Body

Megan Oliver is a tattoo artist at one of the leading tattoo studio’s in the country.  She has over 20 years of experience in Australia and overseas.  Megan shares her story of how she got started in the industry, what she loves about tattooing and where the industry is going.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Obat Batuk- Defence Mechanism by Paperbag Muzic, God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols



How we see ourselves is not necessarily how others see us.  Merran Winchester decided to confront some of the beliefs she held about her body by getting naked.  Through life drawing she discovered a new way to see and be seen.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits: Les Sons et Les Parfums Tournet Dans L’Air du Soir by Debussy


Vagina Soit

Vagina’s are still a bit taboo.  But that didn’t stop Sydney University student newspaper Honi Soit, challenging public perception by photographing vagina’s and putting them on the front cover.  This sparked debate about censorship, the diversity of women’s bodies and the possibility of a  non-sexualised body.

Producer:  Avani Dias

Music Credits: The days have turned by Jonti feat. The Stepkids & Illa J, Come Save Me (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by Jagwar Ma’Void’ by Seekae


Celebration by Edwina Blush

Edwina Blush is a poet, singer, lyricist and performer that confronts big issues with a light, artistic touch.

* This version of Celebration was recorded at the Wordy Bordello in the Rocks in Sydney as part of the Word Travels Festival 2013.

Other links:  www.edwinablush.com


Picture Credit: Tattooed Women Wallpaper

Music Credits:  Bachelorlette by Tori Amos


Executive Producer’s: Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


# 1337 The Art of Sound


This week we take you into the world of artists who use sound as their medium.


Shifting Reality

Francisco Lopez is one of the world’s leading Sound Artists.  He has been creating art for over 30 years.  His background in Biology and Ecology has taken him all over the world for research projects.  During this time, in these naturally rich environments he’s captured sound.  These natural sounds are then layered into incredibly complex works to transport the listener to an alternate reality.  All the Best caught up with Francisco Lopez during his recent visit to Australia, to find out more about his work and his passion for sound.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Toothless by Jai Pyne, Belle Confusion by Francisco Lopez, Addy en el Pais de Las Frutas y Los Chunches by Francisco Lopez, Wasps by Francisco Lopez, Colourless by Jai Pyne

Other links:  www.franciscolopez.net


Memory Lane

The laneway’s of The Rocks in Sydney is where past meets present.  Old buildings and architecture, rich with history, are a gateway to the past and to the first Europeans who settled on the site.  All the Best took a trip down memory lane with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority to find out about some of the sins, virtues and characters of the old city.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Original Composition by John Bellamy, Extracts from Convict Theatre (Produced by Merran Winchester)


History Books by Luka Lesson

Luka Lesson is both a Hip-hop artist and performance poet and is one of those rare talents that can successfully traverse the complex landscape of both traditions.  He shares his take on Australian history.


The Pliable Ones by Ursula Rucker

Ursula Rucker is a leading international Spoken Word artist with a unique and creative voice, bringing poetry, music, rhythm and beats together to tell moving stories.



Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

#1335 Mama, Guns & Jungle Fever

Romance, Love, Shot guns, Cigarettes, Nudity, Guns ‘n’Roses….

This episode we encounter stories where romance has taken people off the beaten track and into bizarre situations.  We also get into the mind of Miles Merrill, a spoken word poet as he speaks about his experience and his poetry.


My Mothers Date

Sarah Low had heard a story growing up…about a date her mum went on when she was a teenager.  It seemed a like a strange way to romance someone.  It was definitely not a traditional date.

Producer:  Sarah Low

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  This Guy’s in Love with You by Herb Alpert, The Toy Parade by David Kahn, Melvyn Leonard, and Mort Greene, Micky Maos by Halloween, Jaws Theme Music by John Williams


Tales of Sin & Virtue- Miles Merrill

They decided to get out of town, so they drove their car 20 miles down a dirt road to the middle of nowhere.  But, they weren’t alone… Miles Merrill tells his story at Tales of Sin & Virtue, a live storytelling event.

Storyteller:  Miles Merrill

Producer:  Giordana Caputo


This is Miles

Miles Merrill has been at the heart of the Spoken Word scene in Australia for over a decade.  His passion and commitment to the art has seen the development of the National Poetry Slam which includes over 1000 poets each year who get up to share there stories.   He has pioneered the non-profit literary company  Word Travels who are about to host a three day festival.  Where does his love of language come from?  And what drives him?  Merran Winchester went to find out more.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  What Night Knows by Miles Merrill, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n’ Roses, CityCountry by Jai Pyne


Picture Credit:  Lisa Turano


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1333 Crossing Oceans

This episode we follow the stories of people who have crossed the ocean in search of a new home, a new beginning or adventure.   These stories will takes us from Africa to Australia, to Chile and Afghanistan.


From Africa, Home

Erin Rosenberg moved from South Africa with her family in 2005.   In this story she reflects on the challenges she faced establishing a new life in Melbourne and the love she has of her homeland South Africa.

Producer:   Erin Rosenberg

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Shosholoza by the Drakensberg Boys Choir, Arms of Steel by Freshlyground, Jump One by Romain B.


In Detention

Anjali Vishwanathan met Ahmad-Ali-Jafari in Villawood Detention Centre when she went to speak with detainees about their experiences.  They shared stories, food and laughter.  Earlier this year Ahmad passed away in detention after suffering from a heart attack at the age of 22.    This story is a personal reflection and tribute to Ahmad-Ali-Jafari.

Writer & Narrator:  Anjali Vishwanathan

Producer’s:  Zacha Rosen & Merran Winchester

Sound Design:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Loop Four by Seaworthy, Laceration by Kai Engel, Afghan Music Melody by Afghanistan Culture 09, Dil (A meaningful poem especially for Muslims) broadcast by Kashmala Ch.

Other Links:  http://overland.org.au/2013/08/eulogy-for-ahmad-ali-jafari/


Sea Hitchhiker

Zacha Rosen met Gabriel Salas to learn about his adventure crossing the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft.   As a Chilean National, Gabriel left his country looking for an adventure.  What was originally going to be a road trip through South America turned into a history making voyage across the Ocean.  However, when he arrived in Australia a new political regime had begun in Chile and he realised he couldn’t go home.  He became one of the first Chilean refugees in Australia.  And if it wasn’t enough to cross the Pacific Ocean once in a lifetime, he managed to do it twice.

Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Music Credits: Jupiter The Blue by gillicuddy, Opening Doors by Jamie Evans, El barzón by Los Amparito,  Spring Rain by Aaron Ximm, Skitzin by Shining Bird

Other Links:  http://allthebestradio.com/blog/sea-hitchhiker/

* This story was originally broadcast in September 2012.  To find out more about the story go to


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1329 On the Road

Everyone likes adventure and the long roads of Australia, that stretch thousands of kilometres through changing landscapes, can offer the perfect place for adventure and discovery.

And whatever the reason you’re on the road; love, adventure, escape, you’re bound to make some pretty amazing discoveries in this big ‘ol country.

This episode we hear the story of a hitch-hiker, a journey-man from NZ, the magic of Alice Springs and the discovery of heritage and culture.

*Alice Hitching  by Tess Dowdell & Co-Written by Patch Sinclair  

* Jordan’s Farm by Jordan Bloomer

* Alice Springs by Tess Lawley

* Amy Jean by Merran Winchester


Picture Credits:  Any Jean Harding  (www.eyeoflight.com.au)

Music Credits:  Nowehere Man by John Butler Trio

Alice Hitching: ‘32 Ford’ by Joe Mazzola, Railroad’s Whiskey Co’ by Jahzzar

Amy Jean: Mana Part 1 by Anthony Copping, Shadow of Life by Anthony Copping & Pascal Ontaimae


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

#1326 The Spoken Word

 ‘Spoken Word’ as a cultural movement grew from the Harlem Renaissance of the 1960’s.  It graced Australia’s shores soon after and developed it’s own unique style and voice here.  The movement continues to change and develop to this day, as performers, poets, musicians, writers…. experiment with words, sound and expression.  

In this episode we meet Tug Dumbly, a legend on the Australian scene and we hear the work of Tug Dumbly, Bravo Child and Candy Royalle.   

Let your senses and imagination run wild with the linguistic journeying of our poets.


The Poets:




Music Credits:   Harry’s Game by Clannad, Express Yourself by Madonna, Song of Myself compiled by allcast.co.uk, The Beat Generation featuring Jack Kerouac

Picture Credits:  Ed Schipul

*Thanks to Tug Dumbly, Bravo Child, Candy Royalle, Tell Me a Story, Australian Science Communicators, Word in Hand &  The Blue Space


Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Features Executive Producer: Merran Winchester

Executive Producer’s: Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

#1323 Mad Science

 Giving not Taking

With only 5 litres of blood in our body, you’d think it would be in our best interest to keep all of that inside….you’d think.

Producer Michael Kermode travels to Woy Woy, just north of Sydney to learn more about a very natural therapy making a comeback.  Since it’s days of glory in the 18th &  19th centuries, this treatment has been used to cure various physical ailments as well as being used, in more recent times, as a beauty treatment.  If they don’t make you squeal or shriek, they might make look and feel great.  Mike Kermode speaks with Stefan Hafner to learn more about these little, medicinal creatures.

Producer:  Mike Kermode

Supervising Producer:  Belinda Lopez

Music Credits:   Attack of the Giant Leeches – filmclip (1959), Goosebumps by Ray Davies, Tea For Two Cha-Cha by Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Stuck On You by Lionel Richie, Pencereden Kar Geliyor by Erkan Ogŭr, Faust Symphony by Liszt, I Got Rhythm by Django Reinhardt, Let’s Work by Prince, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer, Mr Lucky by Jimmy McGriff, Stuck On You by Elvis Presley


The Mystery of the Long-finned Eel

After hearing a story about the migration of the Long-finned Eel and mistaking it for an urban myth, Merran Winchester decided she needed to find out more so she could distinguish fact from fiction.  She staked out a park at night and talked to various scientists to find out how these eels could make such an incredible journey from an inner-city park to the waters of New Caledonia.  This research led her on to ask questions about humans, machines, instinct and reason.  It is a story based on research and told by actors.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Supervising Producer:  Kate Montague & Giordana Caputo

Actors:  Anna Martin & Brendon Taylor

Music Credits: Absent Presence by Jason Bradley Livesay, Clock without Hands by Peter Calandra & Scott P Sehreer, Flagship Commander by Patrick Smith, Handel & the Glory of the Lord (arranged) by Dave Greendale, Powder Smell by Tillman Sillescu, Werewolf by Tillman Sillescu


Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Features Executive Producer: Merran Winchester

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez



#1312 These Walls Have Ears: The Artists

Australia’s first colonial creatives probably didn’t think of themselves as artists. Mostly, they were just trying to get by. All the Best listened for secret histories from Australia’s first penal colony in The Rocks, Sydney. The result was These Walls Have Ears, a live event and radio project supported by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

Convict Theatre
A radio movie about a highway robber turned patron of the arts: Robert Sidaway was a convict transported to Australia. By day he was a baker, and by night, he dreamed of starting a theatre in new land.

Produced by Merran Winchester.
The cast included:
Brendon Taylor – Robert Sidaway
Adrian Barnes- Judge, Governor(s)
Robert Edwards- Reverend Johnson, Various Voices
Anna Martin- Women Voices
Dominic Witkop – Sparrow & Various Voices
Thomas Adams – Various Voices
Paul Winchester – Various Voices

Original music composed and performed by John Bellamy.

References: The Convict Theatres of Early Australia 1788-1840 by Robert Jordan, published by Currency House  (2002).

The First Man Hanged
Have you ever walked along Harrington Street in The Rocks, Sydney? It used to be called Hangman’s Hill. Why? Because that’s where the first man in Sydney was hung. Thomas Barrett was his name. He was a forger, a mutineer and a thief. The fact that he was the first man hanged isn’t his only claim to fame – he is now recognised as Australia’s first colonial artist. He made a medallion commemorating the arrival of the First Fleet. A month later, he was awaiting execution. This is his story.

Produced by Catriona Menzies-Pike. (Find her on Twitter).
Additional music and technical support by Zacha Rosen.

Music credits: ‘Tango til They’re Sore’ by Tom Waits; ‘Black Bottom’ by The Hoodangers; ‘Nantes’ by Beirut; ‘Lovely Raquel’ by Thomas Newman; ‘Bad Ritual’ by Timber Timbre; ‘Into the Rainbow Vein’ by Boards of Canada; ‘Black Heart’ by Calexico.

The Rocks Windmill project ‘These Walls Have Ears’ was managed by:
Live event production: Carly Anne Kenneally and Giordana Caputo.
Documentaries Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.

This project was made possible with the support of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.

Picture credit: ‘At the Rocks, Sydney’ by J.H. Harvey.

#1305 Science Fiction Theatre

All the Best presents science fiction pulp in sound.  Extraterrestrial life forms arrive uninvited, space travel gets in the way of an intergalactic romance and a puppy trainer gets more than he bargained for when the dog starts talking back.

See Me After Class
Take a lonely dog trainer, a puppy school, and the most handsome talking golden retriever in the world and you have this tale (no pun intended) of hacking and high romance.

Written and read by Nick Coyle.
Produced by Que Minh Luu.
Sound design by Luke Mynott.

Living in a sharehouse presents the inevitable set of problems: dirty plates, loud music and unwelcome visitors of the extraterrestrial kind.

Read by Diane Wanasage
Written by Zacha Rosen.
Produced by Dominik Krupinksi and Zacha Rosen.
Music credits: ‘Bubble Lady’ by Camille; ‘My Freeze Ray’ from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog;’Entre dos Aguas’ by Paco de Lucia.

Garth Nix
All the Best hears from Garth Nix, an Australian science fiction and fantasy writer who believes science fiction can be more than pure fantasy. Garth also offers advice on writing science fiction.

Produced by Merran Winchester.
Sound effects sourced at http://www.grsites.com/archive/sounds/.

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Photo credit:  Jaci Lopes dos Santos
Music credit: ‘Zero G’ by Minus 8 (Science Fiction Jazz).


#1230 Doorstop

Doorstop (n): 1. An interview by a journalist in which the interviewee is approached unknowingly at their place of residence or work. 2. An uninvited interview by paparazzi or tabloid reporter (Source: All the Best dictionary). Armed with microphones, our producers chase down their unsuspecting targets to ask them the big questions in life, on the spot.

The Fortune Teller

Produced by Merran Winchester

The Water Artist

Produced by Tess Lawley

The Spam Buyer

Produced by Mike Kermode
Music credits: ‘The Bird’ by Jimmy McGriff, ‘A Taste of Honey’ by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

The One that Got Away

Produced by Jessica Minshall
Music credit: ‘Lightbox’ by East Forest

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo, Eliza Sarlos, and, for the last time, Jesse Cox. (Jesse is retiring after an amazing three years on All the Best. As one of its founders, he helped build up the house we’re in, and we’re truly grateful. Thanks.)