Podcast Bootcamp

All The Best’s Podcast Bootcamp is going 100% online for 2020! Which means you can take part from anywhere in the world. There will be three events as part of the Podcast Bootcamp designed to give you loads of audio skills and inspiration to make your own story with us over the festive season.

We’re kicking off with a Pitch Workshop!



The workshop will be guest hosted by Stop Everything!’s Beverly Wang, who will be answering questions about sourcing stories, interviewing, and Mariah Carey (if we’re lucky).

We’ll then open the floor to your pitches. This is the perfect chance to pitch a story for our Podcast Bootcamp and chat to our editorial team, and Beverly, about how to make your idea into an All The Best Story – and all from the comfort of your own home!

This summer, we’re looking for stories on the theme: Out There.

Stories about travel, going places no one dares to go, stories about people/things out of reach, stories that no one will ever believe.

The theme is only a guide to help you get started. We’ll accept pitches about whatever you fancy! Even if it doesn’t fit in with the theme.

Here are some example pitches that made it into stories for All The Best.

When you’re ready, head over to our pitch page!