#442 Substitutions

It’s a fact of life that you can’t always get what you want. But you can always try for the next best thing.

This week, stories of people finding substitutes for what they’re missing.

‘Big Dad Energy’ by Marlee Jane Ward

Who’s your daddy? For Marlee Jane Ward, the answer’s a bit more complex and fantastical than you’d think.

This piece was published in Kill Your Darlings. And you can read it here.

Written and performed by Marlee Jane Ward

Sound design by Ryan Pemberton

Music: ‘Ranch’, ‘A Little Powder’, and ‘True Shape’ by Blue Dot Sessions.

‘Maharal – מהר”ל’ by Olivia Shenken

A Jewish folktale retold as a spooky story about creation, the power of words, and delicious home cooked meals.

Maharal was written for Voiceworks, a national literary journal featuring new Australian art and writing. You can read Olivia’s piece in glorious print form in Voiceworks Issue #119: Butter.

Written and performed by Olivia Shenken

Sound design by Mell Chun

Music: ‘Palms Down’, ‘Warm Fingers’, ‘The Crisper’, ‘Chafftop’, ‘Are We Loose Yet’, ‘Dowdy’ by Blue Dot Sessions.

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