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  • Ryan Pemberton

    Ryan Pemberton

    Ryan Pemberton is the Executive Producer for All The Best. He is also a freelance audio producer with Audiocraft and a casual producer for ABC RN, where he has worked on documentary podcasts, including TRACE, This Is About and The Somertan Man. He started out in radio and podcasting as a student of the Graduate…

  • Jordan Fennell

    Jordan Fennell

    Jordan Fennell has loved audio and podcasts for as long as she can remember and started off by volunteering at SYN FM. She was the Executive producer of Panorama, the flagship current affairs radio show, and was the SYN Community Coordinator for All The Best. She’s mentored up and coming producers from University of Melbourne…

  • Samantha Groth

    Samantha Groth

    Hi, I’m Samantha. Please add me on LinkedIn.

  • Chloe Gillespie

    Chloe Gillespie

    Chloe Gillespie has been the Community Coordinator since mid-2015. As a long standing member of the All The Best team, she has an excellent understanding of the show’s history as well as the Australian audio storytelling landscape. Chloe uses this knowledge to inform her social media and community coordinating duties. Chloe also works for Junkee Media…

  • Erin Dick

    Erin Dick

    Erin Dick is a Melbourne-based digital content creative and freelance writer. She is a graduate from Collarts’ (Australian College of the Arts) Entertainment Journalism Diploma, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor in Communication (Media) at RMIT University. She trains young content makers at SYN Media, co-produces Arts Centre Melbourne’s Sound as Ever podcast, and produces 102.7FM Triple R’s…

  • Matilda Fay

    Matilda Fay

    Matilda Fay is our social media producer and witch in residence. She accepts full responsibility for excessive emoji use on any of our channels.

  • Britta Jorgensen

    Britta Jorgensen

    Britta Jorgensen is a radio producer and postgrad researcher completing a practice-research PhD on independent podcast producers in Australia. She began producing and presenting community radio at 2SER in Sydney, and has since produced radio/podcasts for The Wire, ABC Radio Hobart, Edge Radio, the CBAA’s National Features and Documentary Series, the Emerging Writers Festival and…

  • Evana Ho

    Evana Ho

    Evana Ho is the creator and one person team behind the independent podcast Love, Canberra, which involves intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships. She is the coordinator of the Canberra Podcasting group, and works at a university in communications.

  • Nina Enever

    Nina Enever

    Nina Enever got involved with All The Best in mid-2017 and became a Supervising Producer at the start of 2018. Her fictional and nonfictional audio work has been featured in Blood: Attract & Repel (Science Gallery Melbourne) and Composting Germaine Greer (Encounters with Writing Festival). She is always on the lookout for unbelievable tales to translate to audio. 

  • Sarah Mashman

    Sarah Mashman

    Sarah Mashman is an audio and content producer with ABC RN in Sydney. She’s currently producing season two of Cosmic Vertigo and Sum of All Parts. Sarah spent seven years working for the ABC in Tasmania while producing features for Earshot and History Listen. She is passionate about story telling, creative audio and sound design.

  • Selena Shannon

    Selena Shannon

    Selena Shannon began her radio adventures at FBi Radio in 2014, working as a reporter, producer and contributor for All The Best and politics show Backchat. In 2016, she took over as Executive Producer of All The Best and had the pleasure of leading the program for two years. Since stepping down as EP, she has worked with…

  • Tegan Nicholls

    Tegan Nicholls

    Tegan Nicholls is a Sydney-based sound designer, music maker and podcast producer who has worked with All The Best since 2016 as a producer, supervising producer and weekly episode editor. Some favourite stories she has made for All The Best include Word Travels Fast; Standing Up, Saying Something; Chamber Pot Opera and Zedtown: Dead South.…

  • Zacha Rosen

    Zacha Rosen

    Zacha Rosen is a radio producer and arts journalist. He has written for Concrete Playground, the Sydney Latin American Film Festival and the Carriageworks, and produces interviews, narratives and fiction at All the Best. You can check out his work at He takes requests.

  • All The Best

    All The Best

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