#409 Swallowed Up


There’s bad luck, then there’s bad judgement. This week, stories of people receiving ample warning that something isn’t right, and ignoring it at their peril.

‘Butt Stuck’ by Maddy Macquine

Some of us are prone to tripping over, or rolling our ankles, or walking into glass doors. Laura is prone to butthole related disasters.

Producer: Maddy Macquine

Supervising Producer: Ryan Pemberton

Music: ‘Gymnopedies 2’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘The Crisper’ by Blue Dot Sessions

‘The Fossil Hunt’ That Almost Killed Me

In his work as a taxidermist, naturalist and curator of history at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Jared Archibald has been all over Australia but there’s one place that looms big in his mind, a river – one that holds secrets so rare, he’ll do anything to try and get them.

Image credit: Sarah Mackie

This story was first told at SPUN, a live storytelling night presented by StoryProjects in the Northern Territory.

You can subscribe to the SPUN Stories podcast, and find out more about the SPUN storytelling project by visiting spunstories.net. You can also look for Spun Stories on Facebook and Twitter.

Storyteller: Jared Archibald

Producer: Johanna Bell

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Ryan Pemberton

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Host: Maddy Macquine

Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart

SYN Community Coordinator: Lee Robinson

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Photo credit: Daniel Lincoln via Unsplash