#412 Corpse Meditation


Last year, psychologist Rachel Menzies put on a series of workshops for clinicians, providing them with tools to help their clients manage their fear of death. Knowing that we’re going to die, and we don’t know when, can be debilitating for some. But even for those of us who can easily put aside our fear of death to get on with the day-to-day, reminding ourselves about death can be clarifying. When faced with knowing that we could die at any moment, how do we want to spend our time? What really matters?

In this episode, our host and executive producer share an app that has been reminding them of their own mortality. Then, two stories about contempating death and grief. It’s dark, but it might be good for you.

‘Pang’ by Claire Cao

A girl grows up in a household that has a steadfast belief in the ghosts of their ancestors, all buried overseas. She can’t find it in herself to truly believe—until she witnesses a supernatural ritual at her primary school.

Producer: Claire Cao

Sound design by Danni Stewart

Social media image by Johan Larsson

‘Miasma’ by Devana Senanayake

On her first trip to America, Devana Senanayake encountered a strange sight: a dead body outside of Central Park. During the trip, this sight continued to haunt her.

Writer and Producer: Devana Senanayake

Sound design by Talisse Desiderio

Supervising Producer: Ryan Pemberton

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Ryan Pemberton

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Host: Maddy Macquine

Episode mix and compile: Ryan Pemberton

Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart

SYN Community Coordinator: Lee Robinson

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay