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  • #412 Corpse Meditation

    #412 Corpse Meditation

    Our host and executive producer share an app that has been reminding them of their own mortality. Then, two stories about contempating death and grief. It’s dark, but it might be good for you.

  • #402 Sea Change

    #402 Sea Change

    For many of us, travelling is the way we unhook ourselves from our routine, when we feel like we need a break, or a fresh perspective. Usually, it’s just for a few weeks. This week we have two stories of people leaving their old life behind for good. One of them by choice, the other…

  • #389 You’re The Man Now, Dog

    #389 You’re The Man Now, Dog

    Stories of men questioning the traditional ideas of masculinity they grew up with, and rediscovering what being a man means to them.

  • #368 Unfamiliar Territory

    #368 Unfamiliar Territory

    Are you afraid of the dark? Some 21 year olds are. We’re crossing into unfamiliar territory, coming of age and questioning the idea of firsts. The Virginity Complex by Talisse Desiderio This is a conversation amongst friends about the concept of purity through virginity. It’s a heart-to-heart about cultural preconceptions, shame and female identities. Supervising Producer:…