#469 Pride Prejudice and Pink Bans


Our episode this week is dedicated to exploring how trade unions have been a powerful advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Australia.

Pride Prejudice and Pink Bans by Rhiannon Soliman-Marron

When Jeremy Fisher was kicked out of his university dorm for being gay, a militant trade union of construction workers stepped in and said it wasn’t right. Almost five decades later, the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Australia still wears on, but are unions still on the frontline? 

Music: The Tides ‘Dream Escape’, Wayne Jones  ‘Brain Trust’, Puddle of Infinity ‘Armchair Stellar Crossing’, Loopop ‘Subharmonic’, Emily A. Sprague ‘Bug Catching’, The Tides ‘Somnolent’, The Almanac Singers ‘Solidarity Forever’.

Producer: Rhiannon Soliman-Marron

Supervising Producer:  Eurydice Aroney

Background info: Liz Ross


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