#472 Home To Heal

With each sunrise comes light breaking through the darkness. This week’s stories are about destruction, devastation and darkness but also the healing that comes after.

Then Came The Birds by Sarah Mashman

When the bushfires in 2020 hit her home, Alice Ansara had to evacuate three times over six weeks through still burning forests and bypassing melting roads. She shares her story of walking through the smokes, ashes and tears.

You can hear more of Alice’s story in the CBAA series From the Embers.

Producer: Sarah Mashman

Music: Fearfully Dashing by Blue Dot Sessions, Gilroy by Blue Dot Sessions, Levanger by Blue dot sessions. 

Sounds by Tegan Nicholls

Photo: Sarah Mashman

When I Lost My Mind to Find My Heart by T’ara

T’ara was sitting on the bus when her mind started to run again, syncing into the depths of an ocean of dark pondering that annually flood her head.

T’ara originally told this story as part of SPUN Stories, a live storytelling event in Darwin, showcasing some of the extraordinary people and their stories that make up the Northern Territory. SPUN also has a podcast, just search for SPUN Stories wherever you get your podcasts.

Writer and Performer: T’ara Cole

Producer: Alex Edmonson

When I Lived By Lungol Wekina

Indigenous Papua New Guinean writer and organiser Lungol tells the story of his people, paying homage to times of peace, reflecting upon a history of colonial violence, and looking forward to a revolutionary future.

Writer and Performer: Lungol Wekina

Sound Design and Original Music Composition: Danni Stewart

You can find more of Lungol’s work at Lungol.com. 

All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Danni Stewart

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Host: Helenna Barone-Peters 

Social Media Producers: Emma Pham 

Community and Events Coordinator: Lidiya Josifova 

SYN Mentee Producer: Wing Kuang