#484 Ghost Town

CW: Reference to abuse.

Have you ever visited a place that really gave you the creeps? This week we’re going on a road trip, sharing stories of spooky places around the country.


? Our first stop is Jenolan where MJ and her sister had the worst sleep of their lives. 

Producer: MJ Bakewell.


? Up next we’re stopping off in Mudgee where Danni stayed at the oldest house in town. 

Producer: Danni Stewart 


? For our third stop we’re heading to Glenrowan where Daniel saw a very cursed animatronics show. 

Producer: Daniel Semo 

Image credit: Glenrowan Tourist Centre


? We’re ending our spooky road trip in Canberra, Sam’s hometown which she discovered has a very haunted history.

Producer: Samatha Groth 

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan 

Music: ‘Spooky Outro’ by Transient, ‘Strange Dog Walk’ by Blue Dot Sessions, and ‘Arlan Vale’ by Blue Dot Sessions.


All The Best credits

Production Manager: Danni Stewart

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Host: Helenna Barone-Peters

Episode Mix and Compile: Danni Stewart

Social Media Producers:  Emma Pham

Community and Events Coordinator: Lidiya Josifova