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  • #553 Dark Matter Part Two: Melbourne Uni Stories

    #553 Dark Matter Part Two: Melbourne Uni Stories

    What is a dark matter, to you? Darkness is so dependent on the individuals perception. This week, we are once again bringing you stories inspired by ‘dark matter’ from the Masters of Journalism students at the University of Melbourne.  A warning that one of our tales contains themes of child abuse and slavery. Story One…

  • #544 Dark Matter – Melbourne Uni Stories

    #544 Dark Matter – Melbourne Uni Stories

    ‘Dark matter’ is a component of the universe that scientists say encompasses 80% of its makeup. It doesn’t emit light and is therefore invisible and it cannot be detected by electromagnetic or other means. Scientists say dark matter exists, not because they’ve encountered it but because it doesn’t make sense for the rest of the…

  • #527 Farewell Danni

    #527 Farewell Danni

    Goodbye </3 Danni first came to All The Best many years ago, working on the show as a baby contributing producer. She then took on the role of Community Coordinator, then Production Manager and finally Host.  The show has been a huge part of Danni’s life, and Danni a huge part of the show for…

  • #484 Ghost Town

    #484 Ghost Town

    This week we’re going on a road trip, sharing stories of spooky places around the country.

  • #471 Fourteen Days

    #471 Fourteen Days

    Coming home to Australia from Japan on one of the few international flights that wasn’t cancelled, Daniel Semo decided to make an audio story for every day of his hotel quarantine.

  • #468 Don’t Forget

    #468 Don’t Forget

    This week’s stories are all about trying to hack your brain. 

  • #445 Limbo

    #445 Limbo

    As state borders open up and restrictions ease, we hear stories of people who are left in limbo—refugees and asylum seekers held in indefinite detention, and Australian citizens unable to return home.

  • #433 Trust

    #433 Trust

    Dave finds himself with no choice but to trust a group of strangers to keep him alive. Esther tries to buy a dog online, and it all goes wrong.

  • #429 Inside Out

    #429 Inside Out

    Stories of people reaching in, to find the right words, and reaching out, to start a difficult conversation.

  • #419 Unintended Consequences

    #419 Unintended Consequences

    People act with the best of intentions, and face the unforeseen consequences.

  • #402 Sea Change

    #402 Sea Change

    For many of us, travelling is the way we unhook ourselves from our routine, when we feel like we need a break, or a fresh perspective. Usually, it’s just for a few weeks. This week we have two stories of people leaving their old life behind for good. One of them by choice, the other…

  • #364 Mixed Words

    #364 Mixed Words

    These are our final words for 2018. But don’t go away. We have to first sit an English exam. We’ll also be testing you on the lyrics of your first album. To wrap up, we’ll find out how hearing, silence and sign language come together. — Language Test by Daniel Semo What happens when highly educated…

  • #344 The Bridge

    #344 The Bridge

    Bridges can close the gap between people who disagree, or between the past and the future. You can cross a bridge, burn a bridge, be a bridge. — ‘The West Gate’ by Rijn Collins Up to 200 000 cars travel over the West Gate bridge every day – going between Melbourne’s CBD and the Western…

  • #335 Say My Name

    #335 Say My Name

    Everyone has a name. But sometimes we find ourselves wanting to change our names. It’s a tricky process. And it’s even more complicated when an entire country’s name is in question. — ‘Name Change’ by Daniel Semo Our names are one of the most basic portals into who we are. They help to define us legally,…

  • #315 Analogue

    #315 Analogue

    This week, we’re talking about old and new media. Past and present family traditions. Digital and analogue technology. So which way was better? – ‘Imperfect tools’ by Daniel Semo Music, podcasts, radio shows… almost everything we listen to these days is created, edited and shared digitally. Yet some artists, engineers, and technicians still choose to…