500 Retrospective: Work In Progress

In celebration of All The Best reaching 500 episodes, we’re looking back into the archives and replaying episodes that, while recorded in years past, remain relevant today.

This week an episode that aired in 2018, ‘Work In Progress’. This week much of the country observed the Labour Day public holiday. Also known as May Day, Labour Day was created to celebrate the achievements of the labour union movement and the evolution of worker’s rights. This episode, characterising the worker experience from a couple of viewpoints, felt like a perfect choice.

Today workers across the country are still taking important industrial action against things like wages not increasing with inflation and the rising cost of living. Standing in solidarity with the Labour Union movement is still as important as it was when Labour Day was first celebrated.


As we get to work, you’ll hear about our previous work experience and our ability to remain calm under pressure in a fast-paced environment.

‘Dodgy Jobs’ by Angela Moran

When Sarah arrived in Melbourne from Belgium on a working holiday visa she was told it would be easy to find a good part time job. Instead she found a thriving environment of underpaying cash-in-hand jobs with little to no security. Lucky she’s got a good sense of humour and was willing to share a few stories from her unsuccessful attempts to earn a decent crust.

Supervising Producers: Nina Enever and Bec Fary

Music: ‘Mountain’ by Text Me Records/Bobby Renz, ‘Beer Belly Blues’ by John Deley, ‘Jazz Organ Trio Cool Blue’ by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions, ‘Travel Light’ by Audionautix .

‘Brunching Above My Weight’ by Lee Robinson

Working in the hospitality industry involves more than just serving smashed avo on toast. Erin McConchie is a writer and comic artist who began drawing her most cringeworthy customer moments.

Supervising Producer: Sarah Mashman

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