#505 Not Trash

From dissent to disrespect, this week, we bring you stories that explore the diverse consequences of food waste.

Transcript available here. 

Around the Back 

In our first story, a re-framing of the practice of dumpster diving.

Producer: Danielle O’Neal, Inger Kviseth, Doreen Lee and Christina Lu

Supervising Producer: Eugenia Zoubtchenko and Jordan Fennell

Music: ‘Funky Suspense’ by Benjamin Tissot, ‘Tomorrow’ by Benjamin Tissot (bensound.com)

Once Were Foreigners

In our next story, poetic justice is served, with a side of cassava and yams.

Written by: Ita Marie Ralago for Debris Magazine

Sound Design: Mell Chun

Music: ‘Let us break bread’ by Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny (Free Music Archive), ‘Waltz for Zacaria’ (Blue Dot Sessions), ‘Redemption Song’ (Acoustic Version) by, empresss1n3  (Youtube), ‘Go Down Moses Reprise’ by Dee Yan-Key (Free Music Archive), ‘Childhood Days by Universal Jubilaires (Free Music Archive)

All The Best Credits

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