#587 This Is Your Life

If you had to tell the story of your life, what moments would you share? 

This week we hear from people who have lived well and have the yarns to prove it.

Silence of the Irish

In our first story, Grace brings to light a deeply held secret of her Irish Catholic grandparents.

Produced by Grace Macpherson. 

The supervising producer was Eugenia Zoubtchenko.

Story of Your Life

Death prompts people to reflect on the lives they’ve had, but they aren’t always able to share their stories with those around them. Annie is a volunteer biographer at a palliative care centre and listens to the residents stories, changing her (and storymaker Lee Robinson’s) understanding of death in the process. 

Produced by Lee Robinson. 

All The Best Credits

Executive Producer: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Producer: Melanie Bakewell

Host & Interviewer: Madhuraa Prakash

Mixed by Emma Higgins

Image Credit: Rachel Macpherson