#593 Reflections


This week we’re bringing you stories that question and expand our national identity.

A content warning, this episode contains racial slurs, racism, and violence so please listen with care.

The Ocean and the Desert Flower

In our first story, Zeinab shares the things she loves about her home, and ruminates on the various contradictions involved within the so-called Australian identity.

This story was produced by Zeinab Mourad as part of Season 1 of Braided, a project by Artful Dodgers Studios in Naarm.

The supervising producer was Bethany Atkinson-Quinton.

You can listen to more stories by Braided by visiting www.braidedpodcast.com

Navigating the Shire

Our next story explores the legacy of the 2005 Cronulla Race Riots – where over 5000 people spread across suburbs descended upon Cronulla to spout Anti-Arab and Anti-Immigration sentiment. While this story was recorded in 2018, parts still feel relevant today.

This story was written by Rohan Simpson.

The supervising producer was Allison Chan.

The story was originally published in the USYD student paper, Honi Soit

All The Best Credits

Executive Producer: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Producer: Melanie Bakewell

Host: Madhuraa Prakash

Mixed by Emma Higgins