#1304 Fight Club Vol. 1


All the Best doesn’t go looking for the fight; the fight comes to us. A night on the Gold Coast during Schoolies starts in a Penthouse apartment and ends with violence and jail; and a girl’s whip is transformed from performance object to weapon when domestic violence stares her in the face in Darwin.

A Night to Forget
For the record, Wade Keighran doesn’t like to fight. But when a group of drunk guys at Schoolies started physically harassing a group of young women, he felt he needed to act. It was the start of the worst night of his life.

Produced by Kate Montague.
Music credits: ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones; ‘You Doo Right’ by Can; ‘The Hardest Button’ by The White Stripes; ‘Dimension’ by Wolfmother; ‘Where is my Mind’ by The Pixies.

Zen and the Art of Whipcracking
Kerzlake thought she’d mastered the art of whipcracking. But coming home one night through the dark streets of Darwin, an unexpected showdown with a stranger challenged everything she loved about her art.

Produced by Kate Montague.
Music credits: ‘The Last Night’ by The Dirty Three; ‘The Man with the Harmonica’ by Hollywood Studio Orchestra; ‘Bang Bang’ by Nancy Sinatra; Calexico.

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Photo credit: Self-portrait by Kerzlake.