#1507 Legal Walls

Access to the law is something it’s easy to take for granted – if there’s an injustice, if you are wronged, we’re taught to believe that the law has the ability to make that wrong right again.
In 1977, the lack of affordable legal service options for disadvantaged and marginalised people led to the opening of NSW’s first community law centre, the Redfern Legal Centre.
This week on All the Best, Jess Minshall visits the people working there today, and the sort of wrongs they’re trying to right. There are limits to the law, limits you don’t even imagine until you’re right up against them. For the lawyers, social workers and students working at the centre, they see people come up against them every day.


Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Jess Minshall

Music Credit:   ‘The Room is the Resonator’ by Oliver Coates,  ‘Silk’ by Thrupence