#1508 A Way With Words


Some things are harder to say than others. The most important things to say, messages you really want to get across, can be boring and complicated. Or you might not feel comfortable saying them at all.

There are people all over Australia learning to express themselves using poetry -and not the kind you learned in school. This week on All the Best, Maisie Cohen explored the world of performance poetry. She spoke to activists, community housing residents and prisoners all learning to use poetry to express their ideas. There are poems about oil and gas fracking on the coast off Indigenous land, poems about disadvantage and racism, poems about human connection.

Head to our blog for photos and videos from workshops around the country, including a short doco shot by producer Maisie Cohen.

Produced by Maisie Cohen

Supervising Production by Heidi Pett


Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Luka Lesson
Music Credit: