#1228 Great Expectations


The false starts, stumbles and humble beginnings of successful people before they ‘made it’. All the Best tells the early stories of foodies, fashionistas and… Germaine Greer. Long before The Female Eunuch sparked a feminist revolution, Germaine Greer was a frightened schoolgirl, surviving World War 2 in a dysfunctional family.

A Hunger to Make It
Nahji Chu today calls herself the ‘Queen of the Rice Paper Roll’, and runs a burgeoning group of restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. But back in 1978, she was called Nga Chu: the name featured on her refugee visa when she arrived in Australia, escaping the Pathet Laos Regime is Laos. From surviving refugee camps to defeating schoolyard bullies in Melbourne, Nahji shares her emotional, hilarious story.

Nahji Chu is featured in Urban Walkabout’s Revolutionary Minds photography exhibition, which opens Wednesday November 14th at Gaffa Gallery, in the Sydney CBD.

Produced by Kate Montague
Technical production by Antonia Gauchi.
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The Barbie and I
Gary Begeni is today a successful fashion designer. But when he was a kid, his passion for fashion was an undercover mission, involving theft, vandalism, and some very funny attempts to cover it all up.

Gary is also featured in Urban Walkabout’s Revolutionary Minds photography exhibition.

Produced by Kate Montague
Technical production by Antonia Gauchi.

Inventing Greer
Human beings have an inalienable right to invent themselves –Germaine Greer.
In 1940s Australia, a schoolgirl named Germaine Greer was terrified of fireworks, mistaking the loud bangs for the possibility that World War 2 had finally arrived on her suburban doorstep. As Greer tells All the Best, her formation as a professional trouble maker began with a problematic relationship with her parents, some early acts of defiance in the ‘awful’ 1950s, and surviving the intellectual warfare of Sydney’s Push counter-culture movement.

Interview and recording by Liam Knierm at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, organised by the St James Ethics’ Centre.
Edited by Belinda Lopez

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo, Eliza Sarlos, Jesse Cox.

Picture Credit: Urban Walkabout