#1227 Waiting


Good things come to those who wait… good things such as this week’s show! Sit with us and wait. We’ll wait for the tide to come in. For answers. For things to turn around. We’ll wait on highways and open plains, looking to hitch a ride home for Christmas. And, once the waiting is done, we’ll hear from a woman who waited a very long time to tell her boss exactly what she thought of him.

75 Ways of Waiting
Do you ever think about all the things you wait for throughout your day? All the small fragments of time that see you nervously, excitedly, or vacantly anticipating what will, won’t, or may… happen? We present a weighty list of things requiring patience in life.

Produced by Mike Kermode.
Creative commons music credits:  Tres Tristes Tangos by Planta Baja; Latché Swing by Sweet Georgia Brown

Waiting in Motion
40 years ago, hitchhiking was actually really popular in Australia, but for a few reasons  (Ivan Milat, anyone?) it’s all but faded into oblivion. So there’s a chance you’ve never tried it yourself. For those who haven’t: hitching often means extended periods of waiting, laced with a relentless uncertainty about who’s going to pick you up and when. But it also means exchanging the universal hitchhiking currency: stories.

Produced by Mike Kermode.

Dear Mr Lechter
Last month Julia Gillard made international headlines for standing up in parliament and telling Tony Abbott exactly what she thought of him for 15 minutes.  She accused him of sexism and misogyny  and you kind of got the feeling that she’d been waiting to say this to him for a very long time. But Melissa Jacob has waited far longer to tell her boss exactly what she thinks of him. She does so now, for your listening pleasure.

Written by Melissa Jacob.
Produced by Belinda Lopez.
Original composition and sound design by Tim Jenkins.

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo, Eliza Sarlos, Jesse Cox.

Picture credit: Lauren Carrol Harris