#1320 Radio with Pictures 3


All the Best presents the last instalment of stories straight from the Sydney Opera House. A Palestinian intellectual and a painter’s love story is interrupted by the politics of Israel and Palestine, and a yet unpublished fantasy story by John Birmingham is brought to life in a very quirky radio play.

The Demons of Buttcracke County
John Birmingham’s (as yet) unpublished horror fantasy story is a tale of tolerance, culture and flesh eating demons from the deep south of America adapted for radio and performed by Simon Bedak and James McNamara.

Watch the vodcast here.

Story: John Birmingham
Pictures: Matt Taylor
Adaptation: Simon Bedak and James McNamara
Performed by: Simon Bedak, James McNamara, Lucy Goleby and Melody Smith
Sound Design: Adam Hulbert

Wael Zwaiter. Unknown
All the Best co-founder Jesse Cox tells a story of mystery, love and loss. Set in 1970s Italy, it features his great aunt and her would-be husband, a Palestinian intellectual who had begun to attract unwanted attention.

Watch the vodcast here.

Producer: Jesse Cox
Pictures: Matt Huynh
Original Music: Jamieson Shaw
Sound Design: Luke Mynott
Guest: Janet Venn Brown
Photographs: Louise Cox
Voice of Agent G: Charlie Garber

The inaugural Radio With Pictures show Filing in the Blanks was performed on stage at the Sydney Opera House as part of the GRAPHIC festival on Sunday November 11 2012 and broadcast on FBi radio 94.5 fm, with images on digital radio thanks to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Digital Radio Project.

Radio with Pictures Producers: Gabriel Clark, Que Minh Luu and Eliza Sarlos.
Radio with Pictures Technical Production: Alex White.
Radio with Pictures Graphic Design: Brian Duong.
Radio with Pictures Host: Anna Burns.
Live Sound and Mix: Harvey O’Sullivan, Antonia Gauci and Alex White.

All the Best
Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Artwork by Matt Taylor.