#1319 Radio with Pictures 2


All the Best brings you more brilliant stories from Radio with Pictures.  Triple J’s Nina Las Vegas unexpectedly finds a cultural connection with Kim Kardashian, Anna Barnes speaks of the experience of losing something that’s been with you your whole life; and Lawrence Leung’s unexpected friendship with a grand old man.

The First Thing You Remember After All the Things You Forgot
Lawrence Leung teams with comic artist Leigh Rigozzi to tell a story about the unexpected places where you can discover friendship.

See the vodcast here.

Words: Lawrence Leung
Pictures: Leigh Rigozzi
Live cello: Peter Hollo

Author and playwright Anna Barnes collaborates with comic artist Sara Drake on the experience of losing something that’s been with you your whole life.

See the vodcast here.

Words: Anna Barnes
Pictures: Sara Drake

Keeping up with the Agzarians
Triple J presenter and dj extraordinaire Nina Las Vegas teams up with graphic artist and friend Georgia Perry to tell the all too familiar cross cultural tale of looking for identity in Wagga but finding it in Kim Kardashian.

See the vodcast here.

Words: Nina Agzarian/ Nina Las Vegas
Pictures: Georgia Perry
Sound Design: Nina Agzarian/ Nina Las Vegas

The inaugural Radio With Pictures show Filing in the Blanks was performed on stage at the Sydney Opera House as part of the GRAPHIC festival on Sunday November 11 2012 and broadcast on FBi radio 94.5 fm, with images on digital radio thanks to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Digital Radio Project.

Radio with Pictures Producers: Gabriel Clark, Que Minh Luu and Eliza Sarlos.
Radio with Pictures Technical Production: Alex White.
Radio with Pictures Graphic Design: Brian Duong.
Radio with Pictures Host: Anna Burns.
Live Sound and Mix: Harvey O’Sullivan, Antonia Gauci and Alex White.

All the Best:
Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Image credit: Brian Duong.
Song credit: ‘Sing Sing’ by Serena Ryder.