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#1401 Prime (feat. Voiceworks)


All the Best’s Melbourne Collective teams up with literary magazine Voiceworks to bring you stories from their latest, ‘Prime’. A man spends his days feeding his favourite tiny shark, Hashbrown, and never asking why. A scientist insists on a future where old age is eradicated. One poet wonders who is haunting his house and another has gone to the dogs.

Tiny Sharks

It must be a pretty neat company that requires an employee to care for eleven tiny sharks. Just don’t ask what they’re for.

Written and read by Josh Barnes

Produced by Tess Lawley

Gone to the Dogs

A poem about power dynamics, love in excess, misplaced loyalties and border collies.

Written by Jessica Yu

Read by Jessica Yu and Samuel Howard

Produced by Emma Jensen

The Haunting of 137 Peel St

Have you ever thought about the history of your house? Melbourne poet Jacob Sutherland has. This is his poem, about the haunting of 137 Peel St.

Written and read by Jacob Sutherland

Produced by Matt Radin

Prime of Your Life

As a young science undergrad student, Hilary Bowman-Smart met Aubrey De Grey, a biologist who envisions a world without old age. In this story, she asks if it’s possible and what a world where no one gets old would look like.

Written and read by Hilary Bowman-Smart

Produced by Cassandra Wright & Jess O’Callaghan

Music & sound credits: ‘Free Radicals’ by Podington Bear, ‘Wonder’ by Podington Bear & ‘Forever and Ever Amen’ by the Drums.

All stories in this episode can be found in Voiceworks’ Summer 2013-14 issue, #95 Prime. It can be found here.


Melbourne Features Executive Producer: Tess Lawley

Production Manager:  Carly-Anne Keneally

Executive Producers:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

Picture Credit: Roberta Baker – Border Collie