#1427 Open House

This week on All the Best we’re getting involved and doing some exploring, heading into some of the unseen and forgotten parts of Melbourne with Open House. For one day a year, people are invited to become tourists in their own city and buildings that are usually just part of the landscape, something you pass on the way to work, become open and interesting.
There are stories hidden in every building, and we’re visiting as many of them as we can, exploring the Hawthorn Tram Depot, old buildings in Stonnington, and Substation J, deep under Spencer St.
You can hear more stories from Open House Melbourne here, as Bec Fary takes a walk around Melbourne’s CBD with Joy Villalino.
Hawthorn Tram Depot
First up we’re heading out east of Melbourne to the suburb of Hawthorn where Bec met up with Paul Nicholson. He’s a former tram driver, who now volunteers at the Tram Museum at The Hawthorn Tram Depot.
Produced by Bec Fary
Substation J

Jeff McIntosh started work at CitiPower/PowerCor in Melbourne’s CBD in 1959, when he was 15 years old. and continued working for them for the next 54 years. He retired last year, and has been guiding tours around Melbourne’s power stations for the past five Open House Melbourne events.

If someone were to start work now, and spend as long working as Jeff did, they wouldn’t retired until 2068

Produced by Bec Fary
Philippe Perez met up with Steve Stephanopoulous to talk about the architectural heritage of Stonnington.
Produced by Philippe Perez
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Presenters: Michael Brydon and Michaela Morgan 

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Image Credit: Bec Fary