From NYC to OHM: Joy Villalino at Open House Melbourne


This week on All the Best we’re doing some exploring, heading into some of the unseen and forgotten parts of Melbourne with Open House.

For one day a year, people are invited to become tourists in their own city, hearing the stories hidden in every building. For episode #1427, we visit Melbourne’s historical tramways, old buildings in Stonnington and J Substation power station.

Producer Bec Fary catches up with Joy Villalino, ex-Executive Director of Open House New York, ex-Board President of Open House Melbourne, and now long-serving board member and volunteer.

From NYC to OHM: Joy’s journey from the US to Australia 

“It’s hard to be an expat,” Joy says, as she explores the transition from one great city to another.

Be a tourist in your own city

Joy explores how events like Open House can allow locals to see their cities with new eyes.

Burst the technology bubble 

We’re sometimes trapped in a bubble, walking around attached to smartphones and tablets, with technological distractions. By physically engaging in our urban environments, we can burst the smartphone bubble.

Image by Michelle Robinson.

Listen to episode #1427 Open House here.