#1502 No Pets Allowed


This week on All the Best – people who own pets in circumstances you might not expect.

Man’s Best Friend

More families is Australia have a dog than any other pet. Step outside and you’ll probably hear one, if not from your backyard then from someone else’s.

But what happens if there’s a religious law on a person’s interaction with their dog? A religious obligation that limits where the dog goes, and when and how it should be touched?

Mariam Chehab looks at the status of the dog in Islam, and the challenges for Muslims who have a dog as a pet.

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42 residents, 2 dogs, a cat, 3 chooks, a rabbit and a handful of budgies

As one gets older many things that could once be taken for granted seem to slip away. Maybe first it’s your job, then your health, and then your independence.

For residents at an aged care home in Springvale, a suburb about 30 kilometers south-east of Melbourne, there is at least one thing they’ve been able to hold on to. Their pets.

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