#1503 Turn Your Back




Last year, All the Best contributor Selena Shannon sat down with a man who formally renounced his Australian citizenship. Under the UN’s convention against statelessness, governments cannot allow this to happen, and so a desire to cancel your only citizenship is not legal or recognised in Australia. But Murrumu may just have found a loophole, a way to turn his back on a country to which his people never ceded sovereignty.


Buckley’s Chance for Truth?
A convict disappears into the Australian bush, and emerges 32 years later, alive. His name was William Buckley, and his tale is featured in the history books as one of courage, survival and sheer luck. In fact, it’s thought the phrase ‘Buckley’s chance’ was inspired by his story. William Buckley survived after making contact with the Wathaurong people, who took him into their tribe and made him an honorary elder. It sounded like a story about reconciliation. But the Wathaurong people today, however, say they had never before been contacted about William Buckley’s story. They tell a tale very different to the history books.


Presenters: Michael Brydon & Pip Rasmussen 

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Music credit: Eddi Front – gigantic

Photo credit: Krawall Maedchen