#283 Black Sheep


Kevin draws huge crowds to his cafe in Alexandria, Sydney. He’s usually asleep, flopped on the ground like a bloated hairy beanbag in his pen. But it doesn’t take much to be a celebrity pig in Sydney, and so even when dozing he’s working his public profile. Kevin goes for daily walks around the neighbourhood, has a blog and people flock to Alexandria to get a glimpse of him.

The local community froths over this blimp of a pig, supporting our theory that we humans love weird and wonderful animals, ones that are special or out of place. We have an affection for the Black Sheep. This week we bring you two strange stories of animals doing their own thing and not giving a damn.

‘A toast to the Ibis’ by Emily Jane Smith

“Throwing rubbish everywhere. Drinking bin juice, spreading orange peels and hobo socks around…”

This story may challenge your beliefs. It may bring up bad memories of picnic related theft. And a warning, this report contains strong language avian sympathises may find offensive.

Emily Jane Smith has an incredibly unpopular opinion about a certain bird, but she wants to get you onside. This animal seems to be the exception to the rule for many unconditional animal lovers. In fact, when it comes to this native, even the most fervent pacifists seem to draw the line.

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‘The Nomadic Disco Bunny’ by Bonnie Tai and Selena Shannon

One day, Pablo left his big house in England and moved into his car. Before long he was travelling the world as the Disco Bunny. But how easy is it really to drop everything and start a new life of glitter and nomadic spirituality?

Contributor Bonnie Tai spoke to Pablo when he was passing through Australia in January.

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