#284 Art as therapy


“He said to me once, ‘just as I’m getting good they’re going to kill me’.”

How do art teachers adapt to working in prisons? Can standing in a room full of artists, completely naked, change how you see your own body? These are the questions we tackle this week, as we explore the true powers of art as therapy.

‘Pop Art’ by Pip Leason

In the vast public dialogue about body positivity, issues of men’s body image rarely make their way to the surface. In an effort to fulfil an ill-advised new years’ resolution, Pip Leason embarks on his second challenge for 2017: to stand naked in a room full of strangers for an extended period of time. Grappling with weight gain and body image, he finds himself nude modelling for a life drawing class, to test if people seeing him might change the way he sees himself.

‘Pop Art’ is part of an ongoing radio project for 2017 called ‘It Wasn’t My Idea’, a series of monthly challenge based personal documentaries.

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Supervising producer: Selena Shannon

‘The freedom of art’ by Philippe Perez

In 2015 Myuran Sukumaran was executed with Andrew Chan in Indonesia for their part in the Bali 9 drug smuggling ring. In the last few years of his life, Myuran lead a blossoming life as a painter within his prison cell. But how much does teaching art to someone who faces such an impossible future affect both art teacher and student?

Philippe Perez talked to a range of art educators from prisons across Australia to find out what it’s like to teach art on the inside.

Myuran Sukumaran’s exhibition “Another Day In Paradise” is on display until 26 March. To find out more go to the Campbelltown Arts Centre website: http://c-a-c.com.au/

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Image provided by Pip Leason