#289 So you think I’m sick?


#1712 So you think I’m sick?

This week: stories of sickness and health, and how to convince the rest of the world you’re one not the other.


‘Presence of mind’ by Darius Sawyer

“To be defined as less human than a robot was really jarring, I’d taken an assumption of my humanity for granted.”

What does it feel like to be told that you are a disease that needs to be cured? To be the target of public campaigns aiming to prevent people like you from being born?

Darius knows what that feels like.

Music: ‘Audrey’ by johnny_ripper, ‘Down and Around’ by Podington Bear and ‘Three Cheers for Existence’ by Deru

Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon

Amethyst Schaber’s Youtube channel is can be found hereBen’s website, as mentioned in the piece, can be found at asperger.net.au. This story was made with thanks to Vivian Ly and Sam McCulligh.


‘Sick and tired of being sick and tired’ by Evan Young

Evan is sick and tired, but his doctor claims his condition isn’t medically recognised. The symptoms severely cut his ability to think, sleep, concentrate, work, filter toxins and fight infection. So instead of getting treatment, Evan just goes about his daily business. This story follows walks you through a typical day in his shoes.

Supervising Producer: Beth Gibson


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