#306 Trouble on the inside


Things can look pretty peachy when you’re on the outside looking in. But this week, we’re bringing you stories of trouble on the inside. Whether that’s in your average 7/11, or in gender specific clubs on Facebook.


‘Not so sweet’ by Emma Nobel

Emma Nobel used to associate convenience stores with one thing: Slurpees. But that changed in 2015 when something more sinister came to define 7/11.

Or did it?

Two years on from an Australian history making wage scandal, how is 7/11 faring? Emma Nobel investigates.

Credits: Supervising producer Heidi Pett, with editing by Selena Shannon


‘Log on to the life boat’ by Greta Stonehouse

A Facebook group with 3,000 members might not seem very private to an outsider, but in the woman-only, and male-only, online groups privacy is a hot topic.

Greta Stonehouse looks at the difference between female and male Facebook spaces, and what happens when you’re thrown from the boat.

Credits: Supervising producer Selena Shannon


All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Host: Ash Berdebes

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

Vic State Coordinator: Bec Fary

SYN production manager: Beth Gibson

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Social Media: Louisa Thurn

Image by Flickr Creative Commons user Hanryswyk