#319 Mum’s the word


The mental load, the unpaid labour, the unconditional love – not to mention pushing us out. Our mums deserve a lot more credit than they get. So this week we’re peeling back the curtain on this whole motherhood thing and taking a moment to acknowledge them properly.

‘Flashforward’ by Martyn Reyes

Two years ago, Bina was living with her husband in London. After the traumatic birth of their son, and her subsequent post-natal depression, she dug herself out of the dark and miraculously reignited her passion for filmmaking.

Music: ‘Ether’ by Silent Partner, ‘Lasting Hope’ by Kevin Macleod, ‘Wild Dances’ by Rouslana taken from Bina’s short film, Wild Dances, ‘Now I’ve Got Your Heart’ by Sunscreen
Supervising Producer: Britta Jorgensen

‘Love and Endurance’ by Marian Woolf

Eleven years without a full night’s sleep, eleven years of constant finger pricks, needles and worry.

When Tory’s son Charlie was two, he was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. His family, and particularly his mum, do everything they can to help him live a normal, happy, life. But behind the scenes, the struggles are daily, peppered with wins and loses, keeping everyone on their toes. Over the last 11 years the Scott family have dealt with a disease which impacts them all.

Music: Denzel Sprak by Blue Dot Sessions, Cry of Love by Rocco Granata, See You Again by Wiz Khalifa (feat. Charlie Puth)
Supervising producers: Bec Fary and Allison Chan. 

‘Kim and Nat’ by Beth Gibson

Kim and Nat share their unique experience of each birthing one of their children. It’s a story about two women making a family, and cherishing every moment of it.

Check out more stories like this at www.partlyprivate.com.

Music: Candlepower – Chris Zabriskie, I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary – Chris Zabriskie, Old Regrets – Lee Rosevere, Divider – Chris Zabriskie, Komiku – Sexy Time, Sesame Street Theme music
Supervising producer: Irit Pollak


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Image by Tory Scott