#332 Family Ties


We’ve got three stories about understanding your family in ways that you didn’t realise. A comic book artist asks questions about grief at different ages of his life. And a lawyer in the Northern Territory discovers a truth about her family history.

‘Migrant Mums: Far From Ordinary’ by Heidi Tai

Growing up, Heidi always thought that her mum was ordinary. She never finished high school, never went to university, and held the same job in the same industry for over 30 years. 

Heidi shares the challenges of migration and how, through all the struggles, she was able to learn that her mum was far from ordinary.

Read more of Heidi’s writings here.

Music: ‘Her Tears Roll Backwards’ by Undress Beton, ‘Deluge’ by Cellophane Sam, ‘Wind Chimes in Palm Meadows, Bangalore’ by Samuel Corwin, ‘Backwards’ by The Bad Trips, ‘To Love Somebody’ by The Bee Gees

Sound Design: Gregory J. Thorsby

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‘Somebody’s Lying To You, Sis’ by Sue Phoo

Sue Phoo grew up in rural New South Wales. She first visited the Northern Territory on a Year 10 excursion. Something happened on that trip, something that changed Sue and would inevitably call her back to the Territory many years later, kicking off a surprising journey of self-discovery.

This story was told at a live storytelling night called SPUN in Darwin. SPUN is a part of All The Best’s extended family and you can hear more stories on their website

Story Producer: Johanna Bell

‘Good Grief’ by Samuel McEwen

‘Good Grief’ is originally a comic book about grasping with death at different stages in life. Samuel reflects on how he has dealt with deaths close to him in different ways . He struggles to understand the right way to grieve, and whether there is a right way to grieve at all. Lots of questions are asked. None are answered.

This story was recorded at Read to Me, a bimonthly comic book reading in Sydney. Stay up to date with Samuel’s comics here.

Sound Recordist: Zacha Rosen

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