#356 Flesh And Bone


Our bodies hold our stories. We’ve got a medical mystery, a late night tale about addiction and a yarn told in the flesh.

‘A Collection of Small Plastic Containers’ by Seranna Shutt

Seranna Shutt always wanted to be a mother. However, there came a time where she had to let go of her dreams. This is a story about how our bodies hold love, grief, motivation and anticipation. It was first told at a SPUN event in Palmerston during 2017.  

Story Producer: Jess Ong

SPUN is a live storytelling night, presented by StoryProjects, in Darwin. You can hear more live stories on their website.

‘Portrait of a High-To-Moderate Functioning Alcoholic’ by Courtney Thompson

This is short story about the day to day of addiction.

If this story brought up any strong feelings for you or someone you know, please get in touch with Drug Info on 1300 85 85 84. Or look for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

Voice Over: Anna Martin

Sound Recordist: Zacha Rosen

Sound Designer: Matthew Belt

This story was submitted as part of the OutStanding Short Story competition for emerging and established writers in the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia and New Zealand. 

Music: ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC, ‘Reset Head’ by Seekae


‘For the Faint Hearted’ by Madeline Goldberger

There’s a very specific trigger that brings on Madeline Goldberger’s fainting spells. This is a story for the faint hearted.

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan

Music: ‘In Pursuit’ by Purple Planet Music, ‘Noticeably III (feat. Mark Carpenter)’ by The Starry Tides, ‘Documentary’ by A Shamaleuvmusic, ‘Twinkletoes’ by Podington Bear, ‘You Are Not Funny’ by Bortex

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Allison Chan

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Host: Samantha Groth

Episode Mixer and Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

SYN Community Coordinator: Erin Dick

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Image: Unsplash CC: Rhys