#386 Let The Games Begin


Team sport, tetris, jousting and online browsing. This week, we explore the world of games – come play with us!


Bishop and Dyl By Jordan Fennell

Hamish is a huge gamer and has always had lots of online friends that he played games with… but he’d never met any of them in real life. That was until he started becoming friends with a guy called Bishop. 


Independent Browse Time By Matilda Fay

Sometimes the most beautiful moments with our loved ones are spent in complete silence.

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan

Music: “This Must Be The Place” by Talking Heads, “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths, “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground, “She’s My Best Friend” by Lou Reed

Record scratch sound effect: “record_scratch_short.wav” by Halleck via Freesound


Tetris/Blood Moon by Michael Nguyen-Huynh

I thought about distant stars, shooting radiant beams through cold space at the speed of light, and then dying slowly. I wondered if there was a ray of light out there hurtling from one end of the universe to the other, never getting the chance to let something feel its heat.

Sound design and original music composition by Suzanne Derry

Supervising Producer: Nina Enever with Allison Chan


All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Ryan Pemberton
Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell
Host: Maddy Macquine
Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart
SYN Community Coordinator: Erin Dick
Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay
Image: Unsplash CC: Elias Castillo