#499 Fires and Floods

In our recent Federal Election, Climate Change was a bigger agenda item than it has ever been before, and it’s no wonder. In the last four years, more Australians have been directly affected by Climate related disasters than ever before. This week we are bringing you two stories from producers Sarah Mashman and Lisa Burns. They made these stories for All The Best from extra material gathered for the podcast series From The Embers.


New South Wales Northern Rivers region understands flooding. Flood markers line sections of the roads and the town of Lismore- dissected by two major rivers has irregular inundations. But early in 2022, Lismore was hit by two major floods only weeks apart, the first trapping people in ceiling cavities and on roofs for hours overnight.

Produced by Sarah Mashman and Lisa Burns

Music by KPM

If you want to help those affected by flooding, you can donate to the Koori Mail Go Fund Me

Photos: Sarah Mashman


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an oasis for native wildlife and plants. In the summertime, goannas lay their eggs and little penguins start to moult old feathers before their voyage out to sea. However, In the summer of 2019/2020, the island’s inhabitants witnessed the biggest fires ever seen. And a content warning, this feature contains stories of animals in distress.

Produced by Lisa Burns and Sarah Mashman

Music by KPM

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