#498 After The Fall

The scariest part of falling is not knowing what happens after. This week we bring you stories of people getting back up again. 

Transcript available here. 

Nose Dive by Thomas Phillips 

In our first story, a conversation with David who does a rapid nosedive from 8000 feet in the air. 

Producer: Thomas Phillips

Supervising Producer: Eugenia Zoubchenko


Backwards Forwards by Angela Glindemann

In our next story, Ange has decided to learn rollerskate, but anxiety complicates what is more than a simple hobby.

Producer: Angela Glindemann

Supervising Producer: Ryan Pemberton

Sound designer: Lee Yee

Music: Ben Burnes


Getting  Back On The Horse by Gladys Docking 

After Gladys’ daughter suffers a brain injury, both mother and child fight against medical expectations.

Storyteller: Gladys Docking 

Gladys first told this story at SPUN Stories, a live storytelling event in Darwin, showcasing extraordinary stories from the Northern Territory. SPUN also has a podcast. To listen, Search Spun Stories on your favourite podcast app. 


All The Best credits

Production Manager & Host: Danni Stewart

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun 

Episode Mix and Compile: Thomas Phillips 

Social Media Producers: Emma Pham and Anusha Rana  

Community and Events coordinator Lidiya Josifova