#541 Emulsions – Debris Feature

An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that are usually immiscible, that is, unable to be mixed – like oil and vinegar. An emulsion can be beautiful or functional, but at the same time slightly wrong and in some cases, like when milk is split, off putting. This week’s stories bring you this contradiction.


Our first story is from Jumaana Abdu, 2023 Dal Stivens Award winner and runner-up for the Peter Carey Short Story Award. In it, she presents a dark satire of love, an emulsion of aspiration and envy.

Written by Jumaana Abdu

Read by Amalia Fernandez

Sound Design by Chiara Minotto

Tahini Lentil Stew

Our second story is the sharing of a recipe. Enjoy the unexpected moments that lie in the warm embrace of a Lentil Tahini Stew. 

Produced by Snack Syndicate. A creative duo comprised of Andrew Brooks and Astrid Lorange. Find more of their work on their website snacksyndicate.net

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Production Manager: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Episode Mix and Compile: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Host: Madhuraa Prakash