Saturday 10 April 2010


Produced by Eliza Sarlos

All the Best’s Eliza Sarlos speaks with the parents of her niece, Tilly. All three of them.


2000 Postcards Bondi Edition

Produced by Joe Frost

Joe Frost sends us an audio postcard from Sydney’s definitive beach.


Three Minute Sydney

Produced by Lee Tran Lam

As part of 2009’s Creative Sydney FBi’s Lee Tran Lam presented this three minute portrait of Sydney. Here it is, recreated for radio.


2000 Postcards Il Porcellino Edition

Produced by Joe Frost

From out front the Sydney Hospital, Joe Frost reports on Il Porcellino


Bike Couriers

Produced by Jesse Cox

Bicycle couriers were at their peak during the dot com boom with over a hundred bikes throughout the city. Now that number has more than halved but there are still a bunch of dedicated riders who spend their days couriering packages – the urgent as well as the bizarre – and dodging Sydney’s traffic. Jesse Cox literally caught up with some of the couriers who call the city their work place.



Produced by Vanessa Berry

There are 18 million people in the world who share your birthday, but this shouldn’t make you feel you are any less special. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be hard to share. Vanessa Berry tells this story.


On The World’s Grandest Stage

Produced by LJ Hill

On Sydney’s harbor foreshore sits one of the world’s most recognizable buildings. Apparently two thirds of the world’s population can name the Sydney Opera House on sight. That’s over four billion people. So what’s it like to play there? If you’re a classical violinist or a Shakespearean actor, maybe you’ve thought about it. If you’re a sculptor and singer/songwriter from Armidale, and have never even been to the Opera House, you probably haven’t. LJ Hill certainly hadn’t. Until a chance encounter at Byron Bay Blues Fest last weekend turned into a night on the Concert Hall stage, 48 hours later. What happened? Julia Thomas joined him to find out.


Pet Burial

Produced by Emily Farrell

The dream in which we buy a house and… we open a pet crematorium in the basement. Emily Farrell on the traditions of pet burial, for All the Best.