Saturday 8 May 2010

The Enigmatic DA

Produced by Lawrence Leung

From an early age, David Astle couldn’t read a street sign without seeing anagrams. Decades later, he has become the faceless nemesis who frustrates tens of thousands of people every week. His opponents simply know him as “DA” the cryptic crossword maker for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. Lawrence Leung brings us this story, originally broadcast on Melbourne’s 3RRR.


DA versus LL

Produced by Lawrence Leung

Ever wanted to outsmart the smarts? Lawrence Leung gives it a go, testing David Astle. The results? Not awful… Exclusive to podcast for All the Best, we bring you this story as an accompaniment to The Enigmatic DA, both first broadcast on Melbourne’s 3RRR.


Vanessa Berry’s Turramurra

Produced by Vanessa Berry

Originally from her zine I Am A Camera #9, local author Vanessa Berry delivers stories from Turramurra.