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  • Older women and street harassment

    Older women and street harassment

    The artwork accompanying our latest episode #1515 A Walk in the Park, is by Melbourne feminist artist Stephanie Freda Leigh.  It’s a text-based projection, near her home in Melbourne’s suburbs. Apart from being heart-in-throat effective to look at, the artwork also brought another aspect of street harassment to our attention. Here’s Stephanie talking about the first…

  • #1515 A Walk In The Park

    #1515 A Walk In The Park

      When 17-year-old Masa Vukotic was murdered in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster while out for a walk in a park near her house, the Victorian Homicide Squad Chief responded to the tragedy by suggesting this: “…people, particularly females, they shouldn’t be alone in parks…I’m sorry to say that is the case.” And it hit…