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  • #537 The Shooting Gallery (Repeat)

    #537 The Shooting Gallery (Repeat)

    Over the last couple of years Melbourne has been experiencing a spike of heroin-related fatal overdoses. Consequently, the Victorian Government has been looking to put another safe injecting room in Melbourne CBD, with most recent talks suggesting Flinders Street Station could be the location.  Melbourne’s first injecting room in Richmond has helped save 63 people…

  • #1309 What’s in a Name?

    #1309 What’s in a Name?

    (With apologies to Shakespeare.) All the Best shares two stories about the power of names. A refugee from Afghanistan arrives in Australia and changes his name — twice. And the so-called Political Friendship Group in Canberra, which works towards equality for LGBTI Australians, is the setting for a rare story of bipartisan cooperation in these politically-troubled…

  • #1216 24 Hour Challenge

    #1216 24 Hour Challenge

    This week we set our contributors a challenge. Make a radio story in 24 hours. The day we picked was Sunday August 5.  The time to begin midday. Windsurfing under the flightpath Produced by Miles Martingoni For as long as he can remember, Miles’s father has been trying to drag him out onto the water.…

  • #1215 Dear Diary

    #1215 Dear Diary



    Would you ever read someone else’s diary…? The Ultimate Taboo Produced by Georgia Moodie What’s the one thing you are not meant to do to your sister’s diary? Years after breaking the oldest rule about diary privacy Georgia Moodie chats to her sister about an incident from their childhood No One Understands Me: Teen Diary…

  • #1214 Guests

    #1214 Guests



    Guests – we’ve all been one, we’ve all had one and we’ve all subsequently gathered a few amusing – and often sordid – tales along the way. From the unwelcome, to the unexpected and from the unusual to the down-right crazy, guests can often prove to make life just a little more interesting. This week…

  • #1212 Town and Country

    #1212 Town and Country

    We go to the city. We go to the country. Stories about leaving the country and returning home. Audio Diaries Produced by Giordana Caputo With contributions from Bronwen Loden and Jordan Bloomer Original sound design and music by Andrew McLennan Albion Park Written and read Annaliese Constable Sound Design: Callum Wheeler Dialogue Edit: Nick Rowan Sound Supervision by…