#1215 Dear Diary


Would you ever read someone else’s diary…?

The Ultimate Taboo
Produced by Georgia Moodie

What’s the one thing you are not meant to do to your sister’s diary? Years after breaking the oldest rule about diary privacy Georgia Moodie chats to her sister about an incident from their childhood

No One Understands Me: Teen Diary Readings
Performed by Justin Heazlewood as part of No One Understands Me a night curated by Eddie Sharp
Recorded at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre

Have you ever stumbled across diaries from you past? Perhaps stashed under the bed or in a dusty old box at your folks place? They can be hilarious, excruciatingly embarrassing or painful – or a mixture of all three. And what if you then decided to read those diaries in public… Justin Heazlewood, who you may also know as the Bedroom Philosopher- shared some of his old entries at a night of teen diary readings at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne called No One Understands Me

Interview with Anna Barnes

Anna Barnes talks with Georgia about her new book GIRL!: The Ultimate Guide to Being You

‘Sometimes life feels really complicated. Friendships, school stuff, all the things I care about, big changes happening in the world . . . but then I wonder what I can do, because I’m just one girl.’ Ella, 13

Young author and blogger Anna Barnes doesn’t have all the answers (she wishes!) but like the best big sister, she shares some of her experiences, dreams and funny stories; plus thoughts from girls like you.

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox