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  • #1213 A Frightened Country

    #1213 A Frightened Country

    Where were you when the Cronulla Riots broke out? The answer to this question is something that most Sydneysiders can recall with ease. This week’s episode explores the Cronulla riots and the topic of Nationalism from the perspective of an ‘accidental passerby’ and and ‘accidental local’. Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem. What does…

  • #1205 A Bedtime Story

    #1205 A Bedtime Story

    Snuggle up to your pillow and settle in to snooze as we read you A Bedtime Story. We bring you stories delivered via intercontinental cassettes, take a magical taxi ride and get a bunch of 11 y.o’s to write us a bedtime story. Doll Hospital Produced by Eliza Sarlos Hairyman Story told by Kerry Toomey…

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    Guest presenter Jesse Cox begins the program talking to his Dad, a school principal about getting kidnapped by his Year 12 students. Elcho Island Produced by Zacha Rosen Have you ever wanted to get out of Sydney? Get out of cities altogether and live — not just holiday — in remote Australia, with a remote…