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  • #1213 A Frightened Country

    #1213 A Frightened Country

    Where were you when the Cronulla Riots broke out? The answer to this question is something that most Sydneysiders can recall with ease. This week’s episode explores the Cronulla riots and the topic of Nationalism from the perspective of an ‘accidental passerby’ and and ‘accidental local’. Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem. What does…

  • #1207 The Block (repeat)

    #1207 The Block (repeat)

    On this week’s show we re-played you one of our favourite episodes to date – ‘The Block’. The Block in Redfern has a well-documented history of drugs, violence, and riots. Perhaps you’ve never heard otherwise. Maybe you’ve avoided knowing much about it at all, having never stepped foot on Eveleigh Street and it’s surrounds. On…