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  • #1323 Mad Science

    #1323 Mad Science

     Giving not Taking With only 5 litres of blood in our body, you’d think it would be in our best interest to keep all of that inside….you’d think. Producer Michael Kermode travels to Woy Woy, just north of Sydney to learn more about a very natural therapy making a comeback.  Since it’s days of glory…

  • #1230 Doorstop

    #1230 Doorstop

    Doorstop (n): 1. An interview by a journalist in which the interviewee is approached unknowingly at their place of residence or work. 2. An uninvited interview by paparazzi or tabloid reporter (Source: All the Best dictionary). Armed with microphones, our producers chase down their unsuspecting targets to ask them the big questions in life, on…

  • #1227 Waiting

    #1227 Waiting

    Good things come to those who wait… good things such as this week’s show! Sit with us and wait. We’ll wait for the tide to come in. For answers. For things to turn around. We’ll wait on highways and open plains, looking to hitch a ride home for Christmas. And, once the waiting is done, we’ll…

  • #1218 By the Moon

    #1218 By the Moon

    For everyone who has been on radio hosting a series of Allnighter of Mid Dawns is a rite of passage.  This week to begin our show about the moon Georgia and her cousin Harry White reminisce about those nights on the air. Ramadan and the Moon Producers: Nancy Notzon & Katerina Lebedev Sound Design: Andrew McLellan Supervising Producer:…

  • #1204 First Impressions

    #1204 First Impressions

    A show in 24 hours? We thought it was impossible. Until this week’s show fell in on itself and we had to make it happen. Hear the results, including – stripping off in P.E. class, and we get our Tarot Cards read in the backseat of a car during a flashflood.  Produced by Jesse Cox…

  • #1201 Rooms

    #1201 Rooms



    Rooms, huh? Pretty standard. Or…? Today we look at a couple that make you think outside the four wall and ceiling concept – the cylindrical ones of drain pipes, the purpose built capsules to house one family’s 56 semi trailers of books, and tiny, elevating ones. The Nicholas Building Produced by Mike Kermode & Jesse…

  • Letters


    Dear ATB Listener, How are you?! We’re pretty good. Saturdays are always hectic. As we type this letter, we have just aired this week’s show on FBi Radio. We started off by hearing from a sweet CWA lady – Kathleen T. Gable – whom Mel Braun homaged for her letter writing during WW2. It was…