#1503 Turn Your Back



Last year, All the Best contributor Selena Shannon sat down with a man who formally renounced his Australian citizenship. Under the UN’s convention against statelessness, governments cannot allow this to happen, and so a desire to cancel your only citizenship is not legal or recognised in Australia. But Murrumu may just have found a loophole, a way to turn his back on a country to which his people never ceded sovereignty.


Buckley’s Chance for Truth?
A convict disappears into the Australian bush, and emerges 32 years later, alive. His name was William Buckley, and his tale is featured in the history books as one of courage, survival and sheer luck. In fact, it’s thought the phrase ‘Buckley’s chance’ was inspired by his story. William Buckley survived after making contact with the Wathaurong people, who took him into their tribe and made him an honorary elder. It sounded like a story about reconciliation. But the Wathaurong people today, however, say they had never before been contacted about William Buckley’s story. They tell a tale very different to the history books.


Presenters: Michael Brydon & Pip Rasmussen 

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#1502 No Pets Allowed

This week on All the Best – people who own pets in circumstances you might not expect.

Man’s Best Friend

More families is Australia have a dog than any other pet. Step outside and you’ll probably hear one, if not from your backyard then from someone else’s.

But what happens if there’s a religious law on a person’s interaction with their dog? A religious obligation that limits where the dog goes, and when and how it should be touched?

Mariam Chehab looks at the status of the dog in Islam, and the challenges for Muslims who have a dog as a pet.

Produced by Mariam Chehab

Music credits: ‘I Love My Dog’ by Cat Stevens


42 residents, 2 dogs, a cat, 3 chooks, a rabbit and a handful of budgies

As one gets older many things that could once be taken for granted seem to slip away. Maybe first it’s your job, then your health, and then your independence.

For residents at an aged care home in Springvale, a suburb about 30 kilometers south-east of Melbourne, there is at least one thing they’ve been able to hold on to. Their pets.

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#1501 Islands

The weather is warm, the sky is blue, and you have to go back to work.

Look, we agree, it sucks. This week we’ll try and drag the holiday out a bit longer, and take you on an island holiday. Three, in fact.

We’ll take you south to South-Western Victoria, to a tall, flat island with a pretty scary story behind it. We’ll head up north, to the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef, and climb up into a haunted lighthouse. We’ll take you to an island right in the heart of Melbourne…although it’s probably not the sort of island you’re imagining relaxing on.

This week on All the Best, – islands. Their stories, their histories, and their ghosts.


Deen Maar

As kids, Michael and his brother used to look out to the horizon off the coast of South-Western Victoria and on a clear day they could see it. A tall, flat island that we were told had a pretty scary story behind it. Here, he talks to Joel Wright about Deen Maar.

Produced by Michael Brydon


Lady Elliott Island

There’s an island at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, 45 hectares of land surrounded by the sea. Lady Elliot Island is an idyllic resort location, but not all of the residents sleep peacefully. In 1907, Susannah Mckee, the wife of the lighthouse keeper was found dead by her husband, and even now some of the resort’s employees claim that Susannah still haunts the grounds where she once lived. But why would Susannah be unable to rest? Rose Lane set out to investigate.

Story and narration: Rose Lane

Additional voice: Eoin Clements

Editing and Supervising Production: Sky Kirkham

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Lighthouse by Grouper

The great hidden sea of the unconscious by The Caretaker

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Ghost of Me by Shaula

Bluebeard 6 by Danny Norbury


Coode Island

Picture an Island. What do you see? It’s probably by itself, away from civilization, untouched by man. it has waves gently lapping at the shore with palm trees bordering a thick jungle. This story is not about that island.

Produced by Laura Kewley

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Presenters:  Pip Rasmussen & Michael Brydon

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#1444 What Is Cool?

What defines “cool”? Is pop music cool? Or vintage vinyl? Is wearing grandma’s doily as a reworked cardigan cool? Or is that daggy? What makes something cool, and who decides when its time is over? When you were little, the answers to these questions were easy. Obvious, even. You knew with so much certainty that it hurt.

Pip heads to a couple of primary schools and asks some small people what’s up. We hear from FBi broadcaster Hannah Reilly about that time she bought shares in Hypercolour tshirts, and from our resident finance guy Rob D’Apice about why investing in cool is mostly a terrible idea, and Tess Lawley sits down with our Features EP Jess O’Callaghan and explains how the Kim K game used up all her data, ruined her sleeping patterns, and taught her about her identity.


Camperdown and Out – Manly

Regina Spektor – Carbon Monoxide

Image Credit: Joi Ito