A Way With Words

In this week’s episode we hear stories about the ways that activists and marginalised people are using a new artform with an ancient history to get their voices across. We met poets who run workshops in jails and schools, a young woman writing and fighting for her community in Arnhem Land, and some social housing residents learning the art of storytelling from one of Sydney’s best-known spoken word artists.


Producer Maisie Cohen has collected these photos from workshops, writing sessions and performances around the country, including this short doco she shot at Candy Royalle’s workshop. Get to know Candy, Alice, Luka and Joanna.

A spoken word workshop with Candy Royalle from Maisie Cohen on Vimeo.



Alice Eather, poet and activist from Maningrida


Alice Eather with a map of country during the writing process (credit: Luka Lesson)


A participant from Red Room’s poetry workshop at Balund-a in north-east NSW (credit: Red Room Company)


Editing Alice Eather’s spoken word video with Toby from Desert Pea Media


Luka running a poetry workshop at a school in China


Luka Lesson helps run a workshop with kids at Macquarie Fields High (credit: Red Room Company)


Johanna Featherstone at an Unlocked workshop launch (credit: Red Room Company)


A workshop participant reads her poem at an Unlocked launch event (credit: Red Room Company)


Sasha tries her hand at a writing exercise at workshop with Candy Royalle (credit: Maisie Cohen)


Susan from the Inner West Tenants Group writing at Candy Royalle workshop (credit: Maisie Cohen)


Candy gets people up on their feet, prepping to perform their poems (credit: Maisie Cohen)



Day one: writing exercise with visual inspiration (credit: Maisie Cohen)