#1428 The Hardest Thing


“The hard work we do here replicates the discipline and the routine we carry out throughout the day the weeks the months and years. If this is the hardest thing you do today, well, you’re going to have a good day.”

Redfern is home to the oldest indigenous sports club in Australia. The Redfern All Blacks have been kicking around on the paddock for over 70 years. To the residents of Redfern, the All Blacks are more than just a footy club – they’re the heart of the community.

This week on All the Best, Emma Lancaster follows the Redfern All Blacks in the lead up to the 2013 Knockout Carnival.

The piece was produced in conjunction with French journalist and photographer Pauline Muyl, who provided additional sound and the photo essay over at our blog.

Music credits

Melodic Warrior – by Mistress Magpie
#Whatupfam – by Jimblah featuring Georgia B
Heart And Soul – by Jim Blah

Presenters: Michaela Morgan and Michael Brydon

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: Pauline Muyl