#456 Embrace The Darkness

In this week’s stories, we’re diving headfirst into the darkness and discovering that sometimes through the darkness we find a sense of freedom. 

Get Behind Me, Satan! by Mark Yin

Is Satanism a religion or a cult? Does it exist to annoy Christians or is it really devil worship? Mark Yin spoke to a professor of religious studies, as well as Noosa’s most infamous Satanist, to find out.

Producer: Mark Yin

Supervising producer: Evana Ho

Music: Winking Fox Music, GeriArt, and sscheidl. 


Horror Story: Dawn of the Covid by David Maney

A pandemic, the memory of a medical diagnosis, and a monster in the mind turn David Maney into the director of his own horror movie. What is lurking in the shadows?

Written and performed by David Maney

Produced and composed by Ben Keene


All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Danni Stewart

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Episode Mix and Compile: Josh McKay 

Host: Helenna Barone-Peters 

Social Media Producers: Matilda Fay and Emma Pham

Web Producer: Conor Hughes

Community & Events Coordinator: Lidiya Josifova